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Ultimate Foods R&D in concert with a number of research institutions is constantly busy monitoring
local and international market dynamics and analyzing consumer orientation, market segmentation,
etc. to be able to adopt product differentiation, fulfill ever-changing needs and fill in emerging gaps.
At the same time, for product variety we work hard, on a regular basis, to identify underlying
consumer needs.
In addition to that, for brand extension, we’re about to launch the following products:
Energy/sport/soft drinks:
– New generation of milk-based MANIACTIVE energy drinks;
– A new line of MANIACTIVE isotonic/sport drinks in a range of types and flavors;
– IGGOM8 non-alcoholic carbonated beverages;
– IGGOM8 flavored water;
Coffee products:
– New line of SONBACH spray-and freeze-dried soluble/instant coffee;
– SONBACH instant 2in1 and 3in1 coffee sachets;
See you soon on the shelves!